Lake Shore Church seeks to transform lives in the name of Jesus.


Caring. Growing. Serving.

At Lake Shore Church we seek to transform lives for Jesus Christ by being a caring, growing, and serving church. You will notice these are verbs. We think the church should be known by what it does and that actions speak louder than words.

Caring. Like family.
We care because Christ first cares for us. When we say that "Lake Shore Church Cares" these aren't just nice words. We care by providing Christ-like presence to thse who are sick and going through a difficult time. We care by providing a place of community: a church family to call home.

Growing. Disciples for today and tomorrow's church.
We grow through worship and are committed to a diversity of worship styles because we want to reach a diversity of people. We grow through small groups because we believe that more intimate community challenges us. We grow with an eye to the future and are committed to family, youth, and children's ministry that will rise up leaders for the church of tomorrow.

Serving. As if we have nothing to lose.
We believe God has given us all that we have and we understhand that our resources are not for our own use but given so we may be generous. As a church we seek not to serve ourselves but to serve our community and our world with a special heart.


We are committed to a life free of scarcity and full of abundance no matter what resources we are given (or not given).

We believe everyone is being invited into active participation with what God is doing in our church and in the world.

We are better together. Our mission and ministry won't be led by individuals but will be led by teams.

We will have an attitude of gratitude. We will share frequently with one another two simple but powerful words: "thank you."